I am curious about GFE? I have heard many different numbers among friends and did not find a conclusive answer online.

The reason you did not find a generally valid answer, is that rates for an introduction to a Luxury Companion depend on many factors.

Needless to say, there are may different levels of Companions. Furthermore, the country, the salaries and the cost of living in the respective countries and cities are different. London is more expensive than Munich. Munich is more expensive than Cape Town...

The Introduction Rate is also dependent on the individual Companion. The more attractive, the more extravagant, the more educated a Companion is, the higher her expectation for the remuneration of her time will be.

In general, you can can expect that GFE Introductions start with the following rates per respective city:

  • London £ 1,000
  • Paris € 1,200
  • Munich € 1,000
  • Milan € 1,000
  • Cannes € 1,200
  • Zurich CHF 1,500
  • Cape Town R 15,000


Please keep in mind that the above are starting rates for Luxury Companions. The rates will quickly escalate if you have exquisite tastes.


Introduction Rates for VIP Companions

VIP Companions are in another price league altogether. If you have to ask, chances are you cannot afford them.

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