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Introduction Rates for Luxury Companions

The rates for an introduction to a Luxury Companion depend on the country and the cost of living in the respective country and city. London is more expensive than Munich. Munich is more expensive than Cape Town...

The Introduction Rate is also dependent on the individual Companion. Not all women are created equal. The more attractive, the more extravagant, the more charming and educated a Companion is, the higher her expectation for the financial compensation of her time will be. The rates will quickly escalate if you have exquisite tastes.

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Introduction Rates for VIP Companions

VIP Companions are in another price league altogether. If you have to ask, chances are you cannot afford them.


Her Time

Time is arguably the most valuable asset - for you and the Companion.

Introductions are for a minimum of three (3) hours. Shorter introductions will not be entertained. Longer introductions are welcome and can be arranged.

Please inquire for weekends away, business trips and vacations.


What will your Luxury Companion expect

Our Companions are open for Introductions, as they crave adventure and new experiences. Our Companions are used to first class travel, fine dining, exciting cuisine, fashionable bars and a gentleman dressed to impress. If they are going to be seen in public with you, you should be complimenting them too.



Please leave all the gender neutral nonsense and political correctness with the rest of society. Luxury companionship is an exquisite lifestyle. Simply put:

A Luxury Companion does not go Dutch!

Our Luxury Companions are old school. They expect a gentleman, who takes care of all expenses. Please do not expect a Companion to pay for her dinner or drinks. This would be the best way to leave a poor initial impression. Please know your role.

We should not have to mention it, but please be generous with tips for the staff at restaurants, hotels and other service providers. Every woman watches how you treat other people and forms an opinion. Please make a great first impression.


No Contract for sex

Please keep in mind that you are not contracting for sex!

Our Companions are bored with cheap Tinder dates and the like. If you are a charming, attractive person yourself, are respectful and exude a nice energy, chances are that nice things will happen.